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No field or profession should be out of reach to women. Increasing the participation of women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) not only catalyzes economic growth and productivity, but also contributes to women’s empowerment and gender equity as a whole.

Achieving equity for women in STEM fields requires addressing barriers to entry, retention, and promotion, and overcoming stereotypes in girls’ STEM education, as well as increasing access to STEM education and mentorship from the earliest ages.

Together, let’s stand up for women’s inclusion in these fields. Strong women make for a strong future for all of us. Use the resources below to join Africa4Her and make a stand for women today. 

Listen to the podcast

Teach others what you've learned

Now that you’ve completed the course, stand up for women in STEM by teaching others within your community with the brand new STEM-focused facilitation Guide.

Take the Course

Learn about the unique educational, economic, and social barriers facing women and girls, and the practical steps needed to alleviate these barriers.


Share the Pledge

Take the first step towards empowering women with the Africa4Her pledge. Create your own pledge or use one that speaks to how you want to support women. Click the link below to download the pledge so you can share the image across social media. Let everyone know you’re committed to uplifting women in society!


Need ideas? You can use this flyer as inspiration!

Past Africa4Her resources

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