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According to the Office of Global Women’s Issues at the U.S. Department of State, women and girls represent one-half of the world’s population, yet, suffer from high levels of discrimination. Barriers such as lack of economic opportunities, education, and political participation block women from progress and create a society of gender inequality.

Gender inequality affects every aspect of life—relationships, finances, education, development, health, and more. Despite encouraging progress to support women’s empowerment, more must be done on education, legal, and legislative protections that are imperative to promoting gender equality. 

Throughout Africa4Her, you’ll learn more about the barriers and laws that keep women from participating in every area of our communities. Use the resources below for best practices to improve gender equality and women’s rights.

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The Legal Barriers to Women’s Rights and Opportunities

This course examines the legal and regulatory barriers hindering women’s rights and access to equal economic opportunity. These laws codify discriminatory practices that put women at risk of harassment and violence as well as prevent women from fully participating in the economy.


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Now that you’ve completed the course, stand up for women’s rights and opportunities by teaching others within your community with the brand new “The Legal Barriers to Women’s Rights and Opportunities” YALILearns Facilitation Guide.

Additional Africa4Her resources

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