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What can you do for your community? For your education? For your peers in the YALI Network? Learn about all the actions you can take to be involved with YALI, such as organizing volunteer events or YALILearns sessions, becoming a part of a YALI Network initiative, or applying to YALI program opportunities.


Featured Campaign

YALIEntrepreneurs provides you with the tools to take your business venture from an idea to a reality. If you’re determined to create, innovate, and prosper, then get started with the resources available.

Featured YALI Network Online Course

Group of businessperson climbing a mountain.


The Resilient Entrepreneur: Planning, Adapting, and Persevering

In three lessons, this course discusses what it means to be a resilient entrepreneur and how you can initiate processes to identify potential hazards and threats. Through actionable guidance, and helpful lessons, entrepreneurs are then given the tools to adapt and persevere.

Facilitate a YALILearns Session

If you are looking for a way to give back to your community and help mentor other young leaders, then organize your own YALILearns session. Find all of the resources and information you need to start planning here.

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