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YALIGoesGreen for Agribusiness

Agriculture is essential to all aspects of life. It provides the food to nourish populations, the feed needed for animals, the fiber for clothes, and the fuel to power industry. Agricultural products are the very basis for what builds your communities and grow your economies, but that’s not all, a strong agricultural sector contributes to increased political stability.

Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating soil, growing crops, raising livestock, processing products, and getting them to market. However, agriculture is much more than farming. It’s business. It’s science. It’s engineering. It’s energy. It’s entrepreneurship. It’s information. It’s technology.

YALIGoesGreen for Agribusiness is dedicated to showcasing the many facets of agriculture: how technology and communications are transforming the agricultural sector, how to determine where you fit along the agricultural value chain, how you can help advance the agricultural economy, how to address the main challenges facing agripreneurs, and you can support agriculture locally.

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Agripreneurship: A Path to the Future

Take the YALI Network Online Course, “Agripreneurship – A Path to the Future” to learn more about agripreneurship and why agriculture is vital to shaping the future of Africa.  This three-part course provides essential information on building a successful agricultural entrepreneurship. Highlighting the importance of agriculture to security, nutrition, employment and cultivating valuable agribusiness relationships are the key points covered.



Educate Your Community

Once you have completed the YALI Network Online Course, “Agripreneurship – A Path to the Future,” share your knowledge and inspire others to support agribusiness by facilitating a YALILearns session. Use the Facilitation Guide below to help plan your session.


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