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Attributes of a Successful Job Seeker
July 29, 2023

Recruiter and job seeker shaking hands (AP Images).
Photo credit: AP Images

Whether you are applying for admission to a university, a fellowship, a grant or a job, it is important to demonstrate to the decision-makers that you are the best choice. Here are five basic attributes that recruiters, hiring managers and business owners look for in candidates wanting to join an organization or company or apply for a fellowship.

1. A willingness to learn. 

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage” an applicant can have, said Forbes magazine contributor Erika Andersen.

2. Strong leadership skills.

A strong leader guides and influences others to achieve a needed outcome, regardless of their job titles. This modern form of leadership includes knowing when to step back, collaborating with team members, and letting someone else lead in a role.

3. Humility. 

Humility includes being open to someone who may have a better idea than you or know more about how to make something work. When a person has both a strong drive to make things better and “an assumption that others have as much to offer or more, that person tends to be both enormously effective individually and a wonderfully useful member of any team,” Erika said.

4. A sense of accountability.

The ability to take responsibility for solving problems and moving an organization ahead is a valuable attribute to have. Employers need people who are motivated to find out how to make things better.

5. Expertise in your career field. 

A strong skill set and expertise in your field are bonuses. If you are new to the job market or ready to start a new career path, you can gain confidence and expertise by volunteering, participating in an internship, or doing extensive research on the subject.

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