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Bouncing Back from Setbacks

For many young adults, it’s the time of year for decisions. Colleges, graduate schools and many fellowships will soon be sending out letters accepting applicants. They’ll send out far more rejections. If you’ve made careful plans and worked hard, getting a rejection when you expected an acceptance can feel like...

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Professional Networking 101

Whether you’re a student, professional, or entrepreneur, having a strong network can make a world of difference when it comes to achieving your goals. While professional networking is often associated with job hunting, its benefits are numerous: in addition to career opportunities, your professional network may offer business leads, knowledge...

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YALI Network members: How to succeed as an entrepreneur

YALI Network members shared their success stories and advice for fellow entrepreneurs with IIP Coordinator Macon Phillips. Patrick Stephenson, Mariam Njai and Daniel Bonsu (pictured above) attended an IIP Tech Camp in Ghana in May. Afterwards, Phillips sat down with them to discuss entrepreneurship in Africa. During the roundtable discussion,...

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YALI Voices: Education shouldn’t only be for those who can afford it. [audio]

Editor’s Note: Since the recording of this podcast, interviewee Emmanuel Osei changed his name to Manasseh Gowk. He is referred to as Emmanuel Osei during the podcast and Manasseh Gowk in the blog. He was born in war-torn Liberia and had to flee with his mother and siblings to Ghana,...

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Developing a Business Plan

When launching a business, one of the most important first steps is to write a business plan. A good business plan will help you answer important questions, such as the value of your idea, potential market opportunity, and costs associated with everything from production to marketing. Securing capital, attracting team...

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Special edition U.S. elections #YALICHAT wrap-up

Political consultant and public relations specialist, Kitty Kurth, joined the YALI Network team to answer your questions about the United States’ elections. This historic presidential election caught the attention of YALI Network members and people across the globe. Still have questions about the electoral process? Learn more with these snapshots...

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Avoid these common CV and resume mistakes!

Pity the poor job recruiter who has to sort through an inbox that is usually overflowing with applications from would-be employees. If you are one of the hundreds or even thousands of people competing for the same position, you will need your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) to stand out...

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Advance your career by using an essay to talk yourself up

Whether you’re writing an essay to apply for admission to university, graduate school or the Mandela Washington Fellowship to take your career to the next level, your job is the same: demonstrate to the decisionmakers that you’re the best choice. Emphasize outcomes “Sometimes we focus on things we’ve done” —...

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