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Mandela Washington Fellow Fatu Ogwuche – an international election observer in Washington, D.C.

Fatu Ogwuche, a Mandela Washington Fellow (2015), traveled to Washington, D.C., to act as an international election observer in the November 2016 U.S. presidential election. She is currently working on election projects in Ghana, The Gambia, Kenya, Liberia and the U.S. (See full bio below.) The views and opinions expressed...

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Kenyan Women United by Political Aspirations

“We envision a world in which African women leaders are actively participating in key decision-making processes across sectors.” This visionary statement is at the heart of the work and herstory of Kenyan nonprofit Akili Dada, a nonpartisan organization founded in 2005 to address the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions...

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Ambassador Cathy Russell on #Africa4Her

Cathy Russell serves as the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues. Previously she served at the White House, coordinating the development of the Obama Administration’s strategy to prevent and respond to gender-based violence globally. Join Ambassador Russell (@AmbCathyRussell) for a Twitter #YALICHAT on Wednesday, March 2nd at 13:30 UTC. Additional...

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La campagne d’une fonctionnaire pour se mettre au service du public

Avoir envie d’améliorer la vie des gens autour de soi est une chose. Mais passer à l’action en est une autre. « Depuis mon enfance, j’ai été encouragée à contribuer au bien-être des autres et j’étais vraiment attirée par la fonction publique », explique Allison Silberberg, ancienne maire adjointe, aujourd’hui...

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The Promise of Wind Power

Join #YALIGoesGreen this month. Learn how to get involved at Solar, biofuels and hydropower are among the energy sources the United States has been developing aggressively since President Obama began the transition to a clean energy economy with his Climate Action Plan. Wind, an energy technology with a long history,...

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How Taxes Are Spent: ‘Every Citizen Has the Right to Know’

People with little knowledge of financial management can get lost when they try to understand their government’s budget, says Nigerian YALI Network member Udamen Ilevbaoje. That is why in 2011 Ilevbaoje joined BudgIT as a volunteer. BudgIT is a nongovernmental group in Lagos dedicated to improving transparency and accountability in...

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Nigeria’s election: What went right?

Nigerians earlier this year elected new legislative leaders and President Muhammadu Buhari, who defeated incumbent Goodluck Jonathan by 2.5 million votes. The results were remarkable for reasons that transcend the individual candidates’ careers. It was the first peaceful transition of power to an opposition party in Nigeria’s democratic history. U.S....

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