YALI Voices: Tous Pour la Bonne Gouvernance au Tchad

By: Julien Bero Public sanitation is a guarantee of good governance, a democratic process of a sovereign state that advocates social justice among the people. The issue of transparency in public affairs remains a major challenge in the Chadian administration. Incivism and slow administrative procedures do not guarantee the principle...

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YALI Voices: Education shouldn’t only be for those who can afford it. [audio]

Editor’s Note: Since the recording of this podcast, interviewee Emmanuel Osei changed his name to Manasseh Gowk. He is referred to as Emmanuel Osei during the podcast and Manasseh Gowk in the blog. He was born in war-torn Liberia and had to flee with his mother and siblings to Ghana,...

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My #YALILearns — Training Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Rwanda

By Jean Bosco Nzeyimana, 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow With glittering faces, thirsty for knowledge and filled with diverse expectations, over 50 young people from all corners of Rwanda came to attend a #YALILearns training event that YALI Rwanda fellows hosted in Huye, Rwanda. When Ange (another Mandela Washington Fellow) and...

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Voting and Tech: Creating Apps for Civic Participation

Providing easy access to credible information for voters seeking to register and vote in elections is a challenge facing democracies all over the world. But in many places, it’s difficult to find accurate information, and having the wrong information can lead to voter disenfranchisement, low voter turnout, and even violence....

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Education is power, says top U.S. diplomat for Africa

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the State Department’s assistant secretary of state for African affairs, has a request to YALI Network members that fits well with the current #YALILearns campaign: take the time to educate your peers. “There is nothing more powerful than education, and you can help,” she told a group of...

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