Got something to say? Take it to the airwaves.

What kind of communication is readily available, cheap and reliable even when there is no electricity? Answer: radio! The medium maintains its dominance in areas that do not have good Internet connectivity. For some YALI Networkers, getting on the air may be the most effective way to tell a wide...

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Telling Your Story Visually on Social Media

When you’re crafting a message on social media, creating a narrative is important to its success. Tara McMahon is the digital creative director at Climate Action Campaign, where she focuses on telling the story of climate change and finding innovative ways to convey the detailed science of climate change. “Given...

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Établir un partenariat avec les médias : 3 / 3

Des partenariats efficaces avec la presse et les médias électroniques sont essentiels pour garantir qu’un débat touche un large public. Mais les négociations avec les médias peuvent présenter certaines difficultés. Le National Democratic Institute, groupe de réflexion non gouvernemental à but non lucratif basé à Washington, offre les conseils suivants...

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Stories with Purpose: Inspiring Action and Change

Stories with purpose don’t just materialize — they’re strategically planned, creatively crafted and designed to achieve measurable outcomes. From the oral traditions of the past to the digital techniques of the present, stories have always been a crucial part of human communication. However, with the advent of the Internet and...

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Using Blogging to Tell Your Organization’s Story

The YALI Network blog is a platform that enables us to share powerful stories of YALI Network members and to provide expert advice on subjects YALI Network members care about. You, too, can use blogging to share your stories and engage your audience. Blogs are excellent Web-based platforms to host...

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Using Twitter to Tell Your Organization’s Story

Every month, thousands of YALI Network members engage policymakers, experts and entrepreneurs during exclusive #YALIChats on Twitter. But that isn’t all that Twitter can do for you. Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging tool to send and read short, 140-character text messages, called “tweets.” Users access Twitter through...

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Using LinkedIn to Tell Your Organization’s Story

Did you know that nearly 5,000 YALI Network members use the YALI Network LinkedIn Group to connect with one another and to grow their professional networks? LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network that helps its users make professional connections, find jobs, discover leads and more. Users create their own professional...

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Journalist Brings Positive Change to Nigerian Communities

For years, the steel plant in Lagos, Nigeria, emitted noxious fumes, annoying local residents. So journalist Oluwatoyosi (Toyosi) Ogunseye decided to investigate. Ogunseye convinced her employer, Punch Nigeria Limited, to pay to test the health of a group of residents. The results of the residents’ blood, urine and drinking water...

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