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YALI Network member Esther Kromah — a leader in green farming

Esther Kromah is a YALI Network member from Liberia who has used her education and knowledge to help farmers in her community. After completing her studies in agriculture at the Booker Washington Institute, Esther noticed the high amount of spending by local farming groups to purchase inorganic fertilizer. Esther wanted...

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Country of the Week: Madagascar

Would you believe Madagascar used to be part of India? The two landmasses were conjoined until about 100 million years ago, when India split off and slowly drifted north to its current position. That means the plants and animals on Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world, have evolved in...

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The promise — and importance — of energy storage

Most people know that batteries store electricity — in our cameras, cars and portable laptops. Now batteries are used to store energy on a larger scale — for buildings powered by rooftop solar or wind installations, and on the electrical grid. But high-tech batteries are just one type of energy...

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Country of the Week: Seychelles

Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands situated 1,500 kilometers east of mainland Africa in the Indian Ocean, is blessed with beautiful beaches, mountain rainforests, and a modern society that blends the many immigrant cultures that have made the islands their home since the 1700s. Yet, despite all this diversity, the...

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#YALIStands4All participants are showing their support for rights

On Human Rights Day (December 10), YALI asked Network members to tell us their stories of when they stood up to bias based on nationality, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, color, physical ability, race, religion, language, and/or economic status. The results so far have been both overwhelming and inspiring! We would like...

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