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Saying No to Corruption Takes Courage

Contributed by Mesay Barekew Liche, Mandela Washington Fellow 2016, Ethiopia Getting an electricity line was a matter of necessity for the new residential area of 81 households in my community of Adama, Ethiopia. Unnecessary bureaucracy, withholding information and a lack of transparency are manifestations of corruption (i.e., forcing people to...

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YALI Voices: Creating a Personal Volunteer Development Plan (PVDP)

Contributed by Mimshach Obioha, 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, Nigeria, and Celestina Obiekea, YALI Regional Leadership Center West Africa-Accra Participant, Nigeria What is a Personal Volunteer Development Plan (PVDP)? A PVDP is a document created by a volunteer to articulate his or her vision, goals, skills and passion in order to choose...

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YALI Voices: Building a sustainable tomorrow through fiscal transparency

By: Saied Tafida Challenged by the need to change the poor living conditions surrounding him while he was growing up in the North Eastern Nigeria, Saied Sulaman Tafida made the decision to walk the path of improving transparency. He started volunteering, with NGOS when he was 18. He observed that...

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YALI Voices: Tous Pour la Bonne Gouvernance au Tchad

By: Julien Bero Public sanitation is a guarantee of good governance, a democratic process of a sovereign state that advocates social justice among the people. The issue of transparency in public affairs remains a major challenge in the Chadian administration. Incivism and slow administrative procedures do not guarantee the principle...

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YALI Voices: Follow the Money: A Mechanism for Open Government System and Corruption Reduction in Gambia

By: Marr Nyang When corruption is ignored, perpetrators get richer, leaving hundreds of thousands of people hungry, ill, and insecure. This occurs when national budget and community development funds are allocated for a specific project, but only a portion is used (if ever) and the rest ends up being embezzled...

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Country of the Week: South Sudan

Venture to South Sudan and you will find a young, hopeful country facing a difficult path to peace, security, and stability for its people. South Sudanese greatly value heritage and tradition. As one of Africa’s most linguistically diverse countries, inhabitants speak over 60 indigenous languages. In addition, approximately 83 percent...

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