Personal & Professional Development

Summit encourages women to become developers as well as tech users

In September 2016, digital equality advocates gathered in Accra, Ghana, for the Africa Summit on Women and Girls in Technology. The participants shared their stories, knowledge and experience on the internet and information and communications technology (ICT). The main focus of the summit was to transform African women and girls...

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Finding a Mentor

Some of the most valuable professional relationships are found outside your traditional circle of coworkers and friends. Challenge yourself to foster relationships beyond the office and you might develop a productive relationship with a mentor who can help guide your career growth and professional development. Check out the YALI Network...

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Getting the Most From Your Mentoring Relationship

Professor Judy Millesen describes mentorship as an “agreement between two people sharing experiences and expertise to help with reflection, decision-making, and action” to improve personal growth and professional development. The purpose of mentorship is for individuals to help one another grow and develop while providing benefits for everyone involved. The...

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Bouncing Back from Setbacks

For many young adults, it’s the time of year for decisions. Colleges, graduate schools and many fellowships will soon be sending out letters accepting applicants. They’ll send out far more rejections. If you’ve made careful plans and worked hard, getting a rejection when you expected an acceptance can feel like...

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