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Misinformation has become a core part of the news cycle and remains a leading area of concern across independent, private, and public organizations. Content from non-credible news sites, paid bloggers, and sophisticated videos masquerading as legitimate news has found fertile ground in the social media scene. Identifying and stopping the spread of misinformation is vital to ensure that credible news sources maintain levels of trust.

Stop. Before you share.

Reflect. On what you see or read.

Verify. That the information is accurate.

Remember to share responsibly.

Stopping the spread of misinformation is a key part of being a leader in your community! Find out how to improve your media literacy skills and share your knowledge through the YALIChecks resources below.

Test Your Knowledge

It is more important than ever to stay informed and demonstrate community leadership by sharing accurate information. You can start your journey to becoming a better media consumer by taking our quiz to evaluate your current level of understanding regarding media literacy and misinformation!


Evaluate Your Habits

Download the workbook below to better understand how you currently consume news and social media. Your score might surprise you! But don’t worry, this is just the beginning of your journey towards media literacy. Check out the additional resources in the workbook to help improve your media literacy skills.

woman with word stop
Woman with word reflect
woman with word verify

Organize and Spread the Word

Media literacy is a vital skill for everyone to have. Once you have watched the three “Stop. Reflect. Verify” videos, step up as a leader and share your knowledge through a virtual #YALILearns session. You can help protect your community from misinformation by educating others and and encouraging them to support media literacy awareness. Use one of the event facilitation guides below to help plan your session, and check out our new resources on leading virtual #YALILearns sessions.


Play the Game

Think that you can identify fake news and media manipulation? Try your hand at Harmony Square! Harmony Square is an interactive social impact game about misinformation. The goal of the game is to reveal the tactics and manipulation techniques that fake news producers use to mislead their audience.

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