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YALIChecks 2022

Disinformation is false information deliberately spread by bad actors. When false information spreads and takes hold in our communities, the consequences can range from threatening our physical health, to curtailing the civil liberties of targeted groups, and even violence. Join YALIChecks today to stop disinformation and commit to only sharing factual information with others and helping to prevent the spread of harmful disinformation. Watch this page for resources to understand the difference between disinformation and misinformation, test your knowledge about disinformation tactics, and ways to educate others about the characteristics of disinformation. 

Teach others how to counter disinformation

Use the YALIChecks Facilitation Guide to teach others within your community how to counter disinformation.

Spot the signs of Disinformation

Use this helpful infographic to spot the signs of disinformation. For the detailed list, download the graphic here.

Put Your Knowledge Into Practice

Use the YALIChecks toolkit to put what you’ve learned thus far into practice by reading more about disinformation, understanding the differences between misinformation and disinformation, and taking the exercises.


Understanding and Countering Disinformation

An examination of how disinformation is used to manipulate populations in adverse ways, to attack basic freedoms and human rights, and to limit the ability of citizens to engage in legitimate discourse with each other and their governments by creating fear and distrust.


Test your Knowledge

Test your knowledge about disinformation by taking this short quiz!

Play the Game

Harmony Square is a game about fake news. The game’s setting is the idyllic Harmony Square, a small neighborhood mildly obsessed with democracy. You, the player, are hired as Chief Disinformation Officer. Over the course of 4 short levels, your job is to disturb the square’s peace and quiet by fomenting internal divisions and pitting its residents against each other.

Refresh Your Knowledge

Refresh your knowledge about misinformation and media literacy by downloading the resources below.

woman with word stop
Woman with word reflect
woman with word verify

Read stories from YALI Network members, find tips, and learn more about the importance of media literacy on the YALI Network Blog.