#YALIGoesGreen: Join us!

#YALIGoesGreen: Join us!


#YALIGoesGreen #YALIGoesGreen is a Network-wide initiative to spur climate change awareness and action.

Here are a few actions you can take in your community:

    • Take and teach Understanding Climate Change.
    • Implement green business practices at work, like reducing paper and electricity use.
    • Discuss greening daily habits at home, like reducing water or waste.
    • Organize a community trash pickup day.
    • Host a presentation on climate change in a local school
    • Organize a tree planting event and educate participants on the role of forests in addressing climate change.
    • Organize an event around ocean protection issues and/or conduct a cleanup event of a local outdoor recreational space, waterway, or beach.
    • Talk to local leaders about climate change.
    • Host a recycling drive.
    • Organize a climate awareness walk.
    • Invite experts from local organizations working on environmental issues to speak to your community about climate change.
    • Host an environment-themed film screening and discussion.
    • Work with a local radio program to host a climate-focused show.


For tips on how to facilitate a #YALIGoesGreen or #YALILearns event visit yali.state.gov/learns.

Hosting a #YALIGoesGreen event

Want some ideas on how to facilitate and engage and audience during your #YALIGoesGreen event? Download the event facilitation guide (PDF) with a complete lesson plan to use along with this PowerPoint presentation (PPTX).

Please remember that all #YALILearns and #YALIGoesGreen events are organized on the basis of educating your community with shared YALI Network resources. You should never charge a fee for a YALI Network event, and remind others if you see this occuring.

Promoting a #YALIGoesGreen event

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