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YALIGoesGreen for Climate and Energy

ALIGoesGreen for Climate and Energy discusses the many challenges and innovations around energy and its impact on the environment. Protecting the environment has many advantages like increasing security, creating jobs, and developing the economy. You can help strengthen your communities and region by taking steps, big and small, to protect our environment through YALIGoesGreen

Take the Courses

Take the two YALIGoesGreen courses below to learn about climate change and renewable energy options.


Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Understanding Climate Change

Find out how climate change occurs, the impact it has on the environment and human development, and the practical and innovative solutions to address its causes.







solar panel and wind turbinesUnderstanding Renewable Energy

Learn how economies and existing power systems can be adapted to a renewable energy future.





Educate Your Community

By facilitating a YALILearns session, you can share what you’ve learned about climate change and renewable energy with others! Download the Facilitation Guides below today to start planning your session.


Read stories from YALI Network members, find tips, and learn more about the importance of climate and energy on the YALI Network Blog.