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YALI4OurFuture climate action now. yali.state.gov/climate.

The climate crisis is urgent, and no country can solve this challenge alone. Climate change affects our lives in many ways, including our economies and livelihoods, health, infrastructure, and ecosystems.

Despite the many challenges related to the climate crisis, there are an increasing number of entrepreneurs working to mitigate climate change by starting and running climate-sustainable businesses. And there exist opportunities for consumers to support this entrepreneurial innovation to grow the green and blue economies that matter to their communities. 

The YALI4OurFuture campaign is dedicated to raising awareness about how businesses and consumers can help alleviate the climate crisis, support climate-friendly businesses, identify climate-friendly entrepreneurial opportunities, and promote transparency and ethical business practices within the green and blue entrepreneurship space. Show your support for the environment by joining YALI4OurFuture today!

Climate Risk Management Assessment for Entrepreneurs

Climate risk is the probability of a climate-hazardous event occurring. To best address climate risks, you must first understand how to assess those risks.

The YALI4OurFuture Climate Risk Management Assessment will help entrepreneurs assess and address climate-related risks to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of strategic objectives in the face of climate variability and change.

Building Your Green Business Workbook

This workbook will help to expand your knowledge of the impending impact of the climate crisis and provide you with potential entrepreneurial opportunities to create actionable resilient solutions for your community. Download the PDF version or create a free Canva account and complete the Building Your Green Business Workbook directly in the template.

Take the Course

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This course will provide entrepreneurs with recommendations for planning, implementing, and running sustainable climate-smart businesses. Those businesses responsibly manage natural resources, don’t contribute to the climate crisis, respect Indigenous lands and ways of life, and are profitable.

Engage your Community with YALILearns

Use the YALI4OurFuture Facilitation Guide “Fundamentals of Climate-Smart Entrepreneurship” to create dialogue within your community about supporting or starting sustainable green and blue businesses.

Climate Action Now with U.S. Special Envoy for Global Youth and the YALI Network

Join the U.S. Department of State Special Envoy for Global Youth in celebrating global climate leaders and experts, including YALI Network members, who are finding unique solutions to the climate crisis. We hope you’ll be just as inspired by these brilliant entrepreneurs and climate heroes as we are!

Read stories from YALI Network members, find tips, and learn more about the importance of climate advocacy on the YALI Network Blog.