Content Block Preview: YALI Campaigns

More ways to be involved

YALIGoesGreen for Agribusiness

YALIGoesGreen for Agribusiness explores the many facets of agriculture so that you can find your place along the value chain.


Stopping the spread of misinformation is everyone’s responsibility! Find out how you can be involved with YALIChecks.


YALIServes highlights and encourages the positive role volunteerism plays in benefiting communities.

Professional Development

No matter what stage you are in your professional development, the YALI Network is here to help.


YALIVotes encourages civic participation through elections and social responsibility.

YALIGoesGreen for Climate and Energy

YALIGoesGreen for Climate and Energy discusses the many challenges and innovations around energy and its impact on the environment.


Africa4Her drives positive action around the challenges women face.


YALICares is designed to increase awareness and literacy on health matters and encourage you to serve as a community health advocate.

YALIUnites for Integrity

YALIUnites highlights ways that individuals can identify and eliminate corruption.