Community Organizing for Action

Community Organizing for Action


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Grassroots campaigns and volunteers are essential to the success of most nongovernmental organizations involved in community development. Learn how to inspire and engage volunteers to be proactive in their communities and organize grassroots campaigns.

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These lessons are available in French on individual lesson pages under the “En Francais” tab.

Lesson 1: Attracting and Motivating Volunteers
Video/Audio Duration: 3:42
A strong body of volunteers can make the difference between success and failure. Learn how to recruit and retain volunteers who are committed to your organization’s mission.

Lesson 2: Inspiring Community Participation
Video/Audio Duration: 4:32
This lesson demonstrates how to inspire citizens to take positive actions on their collective behalf and maintain their involvement for the long term.

Lesson 3: Engaging Your Community
Video/Audio Duration: 4:27
Community engagement is about involving the people you serve as beneficiaries and as partners in your mission. Learn about ways to foster community engagement.

Lesson 4: Creating a Successful Grassroots Campaign
Video/Audio Duration: 5:04
This lesson provides step-by-step recommendations for building a realistic and achievable movement for change by implementing grassroots campaigns, identifying tasks and delegating responsibility.

Meet the Instructors


Jeff Franco - Attracting and Motivating Volunteers, Inspiring Community Participation


Hilary Binder-Aviles - Engaging Your Community


Omékongo Dibinga - Creating a Successful Grassroots Campaign