Design Driven Entrepreneurship

Design Driven Entrepreneurship


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This four-lesson course explains Design Driven Entrepreneurship, a planning process that involves identifying, creating, testing, and implementing marketable solutions for challenges facing people and communities. This course covers the origins of human-centered design theory, the process and tools needed to design and maintain a human-centered business, and best practices for developing and testing products.

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Lesson 1: Design Driven Entrepreneurship
Video/Audio Duration: 4:50
This lesson introduces the idea of human-centered design and how to define an entrepreneur’s “big idea.”

Lesson 2: Value Proposition
Video/Audio Duration: 6:52
This lesson examines the value proposition and how to develop the “quick pitch.”

Lesson 3: Bring Your Big Idea to Life
Video/Audio Duration: 6:01
This lesson reviews the “stakeholder map” and the relationships between different stakeholders.

Lesson 4: Creating a Prototype
Video/Audio Duration: 5:30
This final lesson reveals how to properly create and test a prototype of the “big idea.”

Meet the Instructor

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Rich Nadworny - Design Driven Entrepreneurship, Value Proposition, Bring Your Big Idea to Life, Creating a Prototype