Focus On: Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility

Focus On: Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility


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This three-part course seeks to educate and inform on the role of citizens in the electoral process, and provide guidance on how to exercise civic responsibility and hold candidates and officials accountable – before, during, and after elections. Individual lessons in this course will cover general information on the voting process, grassroots organizing for campaigns, and practical skill development for capacity building and advocacy.

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These lessons are available in French on individual lesson pages under the “En Francais” tab.

Voters look for their names outside a polling center in Carrefour

Lesson 1: Getting the Most From Your Vote
Video/Audio Duration: 6:55
In this lesson, presenter Thierry Uwamahoro reviews voter rights and responsibilities, the benefits of active political engagement by citizens, how to make informed voting choices, and the necessity to maintain personal integrity as a voter.

Lesson 2: Grassroots Organizing For Civic Engagement
Video/Audio Duration: 6:52
Veteran campaign consultant Buffy Wicks provides an overview of how to lead and enable citizens to create change in their communities, offering guidelines and best practices for developing and running a grassroots campaign.

Lesson 3: Engaging with Candidates and Elected Officials
Video/Audio Duration: 6:10
This lesson focuses on how to engage with a candidate or elected official, including detailing the recommended steps to take to prepare for a meeting as well as best practices for conducting yourself and your business during the meeting in order to get results.

Meet the Instructors

Thierry Uwamahoro

Thierry Uwamahoro - Getting the Most From Your Vote

Buffy Wicks

Buffy WicksGrassroots Organizing for Civic Engagement

Lex Paulson

Lex PaulsonEngaging with Candidates and Elected Officials