Management Strategies for People and Resources

Management Strategies for People and Resources


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This course outlines the essential skills required in leading individuals and organizations, whether it’s solving problems, creating the optimal team, or maneuvering through difficult situations in management.

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Lesson 1: Leading People and Change
Video/Audio Duration: 3:55
Leaders not only act as the head of corporations and governments. They also must address and solve a multitude of problems every day.

Lesson 2: Creating and Managing A Team
Video/Audio Duration: 5:02
This lesson guides leaders in selecting, training, mentoring and managing a team that will perform optimally. It reviews what creates a motivated and productive work environment.

Lesson 3: Managing Situations
Video/Audio Duration: 4:20
Management is a key component of leadership and is what brings about change. Learn about the four essential skills that all managers must master to be successful.

Meet the Instructors


Sadhana W. Hall - Creating and Managing A Team


Dr. Christopher Kayes - Leading People and Change, Managing Situations

Lessons in Course: Management Strategies for People and Resources

Lesson 1 : Leading People and Change
Lesson 2 : Creating and Managing A Team
Lesson 3 : Managing Situations