Strengthening Public Sector Service

Strengthening Public Sector Service


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Becoming a strong and effective public servant is not easy. This course will discuss ways to uphold transparency and objectivity while being adept at communicating with the public.

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Lesson 1: Establishing Professional Ethics in Government
Video/Audio Duration: 3:31
An ethical public servant is committed to transparency and objectivity. This lesson examines a few ways elected officials and civil servants can work to avoid situations that can lead to ethical lapses.

Lesson 2: Becoming an Effective Public Servant
Video/Audio Duration: 4:09
After being elected to public office, how does one ensure that the needs of the community are being met? This video provides advice from Allison Silberberg, vice mayor of the city of Alexandria, Virginia.

Lesson 3: Communicating with the Public
Video/Audio Duration: 3:26
This lesson examines the tools needed for elected officials and public servants to establish accurate, efficient, responsive and varied channels of communication with the citizens they serve.

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Allison Silberberg - Establishing Professional Ethics in Government, Becoming an Effective Public Servant, Communicating with the Public