Basics of Public-Private Partnerships

Basics of Public-Private Partnerships


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Public-private partnerships are often the most effective and efficient means to resolving major societal challenges that are too big for one group or entity alone. Learn how to initiate, implement, and evaluate a public-private partnership.

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Lesson 1: Initiating a Public-Private Partnership
Video/Audio Duration: 4:00
Public-private partnerships borrow the best attributes of each sector. Learn more about the advantages of a public-private partnership and how to initiate one.

Lesson 2: Implementing a Public-Private Partnership
Video/Audio Duration: 3:48
Public-private partnerships can accomplish much more together than could one organization alone. To maximize impact, learn how to implement a partnership with clarity, accountability, focus and strong leadership.

Lesson 3: Evaluating a Public-Private Partnership
Video/Audio Duration: 4:05
To ensure a successful public-private partnership, evaluations must have a clear logic model, goals, and measures, and must be closely monitored to ensure the desired outputs and impacts are achieved. Learn about these important features and how to evaluate a public-private partnership.

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Dr. Eric Bing - Initiating a Public-Private Partnership, Implementing a Public-Private Partnership, Evaluating a Public-Private Partnership