Creating and Maintaining Social Enterprises

Creating and Maintaining Social Enterprises


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This four-lesson course examines key aspects in developing nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) including the importance of partnerships with the private sector and government, how to determine if a social enterprise identifies and meets the needs of the community, and how to effectively advocate for youth.

Watch, read, or listen to all four lessons in this course. Then pass the quiz to earn a free certificate.

These lessons are available in French on individual lesson pages under the “En Francais” tab.

Lesson 1: Creating Your NGO’s Strategic Plan
Video/Audio Duration: 4:10
A strategic plan provides a road map for your organization’s future by ensuring that you have a clear mission, vision and goals. Learn about how you can create and implement an effective strategic plan.

Lesson 2: Creating Partnerships
Video/Audio Duration: 5:16
Nongovernmental organizations cannot achieve their vision alone. They must partner with other NGOs, the private sector and government to reach their goals. Learn how partnerships facilitate relationship building, coordination and collaborations on projects.

Lesson 3: Managing and Evaluating Projects
Video/Audio Duration: 4:07
Work plans, operating procedures and evaluation plans are integral parts of good project management. Learn about these tools and how to create and use them.

Lesson 4: Advocating for Youth
Video/Audio Duration: 4:56
What makes for a practical and realistic response to challenges that today’s youth face? Learn how to identify these challenges, engage the relevant stakeholders and galvanize people to act.

Meet the Instructors


Hilary Binder-Aviles - Creating Your NGO’s Strategic Plan, Creating Partnerships, Managing and Evaluating Projects


Omékongo Dibinga - Advocating for Youth