Fundamentals of Starting and Running a Business

Fundamentals of Starting and Running a Business


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This course explains critical aspects of entrepreneurship, from the process of developing a business, to how to identify and expand in the marketplace, and how to pitch to new investors.

Watch, read, or listen to all four lessons in this course. Then pass the quiz to earn a free certificate.

These lessons are available in French on individual lesson pages under the “En Francais” tab.

Lesson 1: Developing a Business Model
Video/Audio Duration: 3:58
Learn how to develop business models that include a description of the target customer, an outline of an identified problem and an explanation of how a product or service will solve that problem.

Lesson 2: Creating a Business Plan
Video/Audio Duration: 4:47
Composing a business plan is the first and most important step in launching a business. This lesson highlights the key elements of a business plan that will attract the right investors and help you recruit the the right team.

Lesson 3: Identifying Your Markets
Video/Audio Duration: 5:00
To develop a successful product, entrepreneurs need to examine the market in which they want to operate. They also must be able to identify their potential customers and their personal strengths and weaknesses, then structure their business accordingly.

Lesson 4: Pitching Your Business Ideas for Investment
Video/Audio Duration: 4:52

Most entrepreneurs will require funders who are willing to put financial resources toward an idea. This lesson will introduce some of the best practices for developing your pitch to potential investors.

Meet the Instructors


Evan Burfield - Developing a Business Model


Claude Grunitzky - Creating a Business Plan, Identifying Your Markets, Pitching Your Business Ideas for Investment