Workforce Collaboration and Development

Workforce Collaboration and Development


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Brush up on best practices in developing a collaborative work environment, including identifying key priorities, developing staff competencies and ensuring a diverse and effective workforce.

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Lesson 1: Setting and Achieving Goals
Video/Audio Duration: 5:00
As a leader, you have a vision for your organization that must be completed with both short term and long term goals. This lesson looks at the importance of setting clear goals, why it is key to involve your team members, and the basic steps for proper goal-setting.

Lesson 2: Designing and Delivering Training
Video/Audio Duration: 5:11
Knowing the basics of how to design and deliver training is necessary to providing a positive learning experience that will benefit the individual and any organization.

Lesson 3: Improving Your Network, Your Team and Your Organizational Structure
Video/Audio Duration: 4:52

Recruiting and developing the right team is critical to success. A diverse set of individuals who can challenge and support your management decisions are key to succeeding in a global market.

Meet the Instructors


Sadhana W. Hall - Setting and Achieving Goals


Marcella Simon - Designing and Delivering Training


Gregory Fairchild - Improving Your Network, Your Team and Your Organizational Structure