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Creating Impact Through #YALILearns in Angola
August 24, 2016

Felisberto Tchitungu held a #YALILearns session and tree planting using the YALI Network Online Course "Understanding Climate Change."
Felisberto Tchitungu held a #YALILearns session and tree planting using the YALI Network Online Course “Understanding Climate Change.”

Felisberto (“Felis”) Tchitungu says he has always felt a need to pass on what he knows to others. He wants to make an impact, and he knows that won’t happen if he keeps his knowledge to himself.

A secondary school English teacher in Benguela, Angola, he “got so into” the YALI Network Online Courses that he decided to organize and host a #YALILearns session using the course “Understanding Climate Change.” And he knew just who to share the course with to make the impact he sought.

As the secretary of public affairs for the Angola English Language Teachers Association, he interacts with teachers covering grade seven up to the university level. Ongoing professional development training and workshops are welcomed by the members of the teachers association, and the subject of climate change was especially important, given the effects extreme weather events have had on the population, including flooding that has killed over 70 people in Angola.

During his #YALILearns session, he screened two lessons from the course and had a discussion with 55 association members from his province. Afterward, they mobilized a campaign to plant 35 new trees in the neighborhood, expanding the effort to include friends and neighbors.

At his #YALILearns session, he shared the website link for the “Understanding Climate Change” course. Later, several of the teachers told him that they had followed up and taken the full course and earned their YALI Network Online Course certificates. He says many of them also joined the YALI Network!

Felis is already planning his next #YALILearns session on “Understanding the Rights of Women and Girls.” He’s taken the course himself and has begun to share its lessons with his female students about what they can achieve, telling them that “a woman went into space!” And he’s continuing to see positive impacts. The boys in the class have started to support the girls.

Felis’ fellow teachers are expecting more from him now that he has completed the Mandela Washington Fellowship program, and he means to deliver. He had already promised them that he would organize another #YALILearns session when he returns home.

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