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Tartan Burner Athletics Club: Empowering Girls through Sports
November 14, 2017

Sports have always been part of life for Uganda’s Mildred Gamba. A former national sprinter, Gamba was the first Ugandan women to ever qualify for semi-finals abroad in the 100m and 200m races as part of a club. But sports have brought her more than just personal success. Empowering girls through sports has given her a purpose in life.

As a founder of Tartan Burner Athletics Club (TBAC), Gamba brings sports camps to girls throughout Uganda, giving them the opportunity to take part in motivational talks, team building activities, and mentorship classes taught through sports activities. The combination of sports nutrition, HIV/AIDS awareness, and athletic safety classes aim to give girls a wide variety of healthy and sustainable activities in dealing with physical and emotional fitness. These activities are also aimed to educate girls on self-defense techniques and awareness, as sexual abuse and harassment are unfortunately prevalent throughout the country.

Mildred Gamba with the Tartan Burners Athletic Club in Uganda.
Mildred Gamba with the Tartan Burners Athletic Club in Uganda.

Gamba hopes that the promotion of peace and education through sports will help girls realize their potential and encourage them to continue to achieve their academic goals. Taking part in sports, whether competitive or leisurely, gives girls an opportunity to preserve human dignity and become positive role models in their communities. Gamba, along with TBAC, is proud to continue these programs in order to provide opportunities to as many girls as possible in an effort to create not just top sportswomen, but better and safer communities for all women.

To learn more about TBAC, visit facebook.com/tbac2014/.

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Tartan Burners Athletic Club in Uganda.
Tartan Burners Athletic Club in Uganda.