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Hiring managers get loads of resumes. Forbes magazine writer Jacquelyn Smith, in a column titled “Six Ways to Avoid the Resume Black Hole,” writes that applicants can make sure their resumes get noticed if they follow these tips.

  1. Network into the company. If you know someone in the company, you can ask that person to send your resume to the human resources department with a recommendation.
  2. Use keywords. Smith says human resources expert Rosemary Haefner advises applicants to use some of the same words and phrases that appear in the job posting in their resume in order to get it noticed. But, Haefner cautions applicant to not just “cut and paste the job posting into your resume or cover letter.”
  3. Have someone proofread your resume. Even a small typo may turn off an employer, Smith says. “Before sending your resume, have at least one person you trust review it so that it can have a better chance of catching the eyes of the employer.”
  4. Keep it simple. Avoid graphics, logos and other things that may distract the person reading the resume.
  5. Take an entrepreneurial approach to the job-search process. Research the company’s hiring process so you know which official does the hiring. Follow-up with a phone call.

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