#YALIGoesGreen addresses challenges and highlights innovation related to energy and environmental challenges. Protecting the environment increases security, job creation, and economic development. You can help strengthen your communities and region by taking steps, big and small, to protect our environment.

Read about ways to go green in your community

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Organize an event

Organize a #YALILearns session and facilitate Understanding Renewable Energy or Understanding Climate Change to share your knowledge with your community. Plan your event using our facilitation guides below.

Already held a #YALILearns session? Tell us about it using this report form: YALILearns Report

More ways to be involved

YALIServes 2018

#YALIServes highlights and encourages the positive role volunteerism plays in benefiting communities.


#YALIVotes encourages civic participation through elections and social responsibility.

YALIUnites For Transparency

#YALIUnites highlights ways that individuals can identify and eliminate corruption.


#YALIStands4All encourages the protection of human rights.

Africa4Her 2018

#Africa4Her drives positive action around the challenges women face.