#YALIGoesGreen 2017


#YALIGoesGreen is about raising awareness and spurring action on energy and environmental challenges. In 2017, we have been highlighting the benefits of wind and solar energy and what renewable energy can mean for your community.

There are many ways to participate in #YALIGoesGreen:

1. Go green in your community! Learn about all the things you can do in your daily life to help the environment.

Go Green!

2. Take a YALI Network Online Course and earn your certificate:

3. Organize a #YALILearns event and facilitate Understanding Climate Change or Understanding Renewable Energy to share your knowledge with your community. Plan your event using our facilitation guide.

Understanding Renewable Energy Facilitation Guide (PDF 189kB) Understanding Climate Change Event Facilitation guide (PDF 158kB)


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