#YALILearns is a Network-wide initiative to promote shared learning and collaboration among YALI Network members. If you are looking for a way to give back to your community and help mentor other young Africans, consider facilitating a #YALILearns event.

Everything you need to plan a #YALILearns event is right here.

Download the YALILearns Session Planning Toolkit (PDF) for detailed steps on how to organize your sessions.

Step One

Take a YALI Network Online Course

With topics ranging from entrepreneurship to good governance to civic leadership, there is sure to be a course (or several!!) that you are interested in. Take a YALI Network Online Course, pass the quiz, and get your certificate. You are now ready to plan an event and teach the course to others.

Featured courses include:

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Step Two

Plan Your Event

    1. Decide which YALI Network Online Course you would like to facilitate and where you would like to hold your event.
    2. Promote your event through social media (like an event on YALI Network face2face) or send email, WhatsApp message, or SMS to friends, family, and those in your network inviting them to your #YALILearns event. Be sure to provide all the relevant details.
    3. Decide how you will present the YALI Network Online Course, you have three options:
      • Stream the video,
      • Download and play video or audio,
      • Print and distribute the written transcripts.
    4. To prepare for your event, review the lesson discussion guides for your chosen course and watch the "Designing and Delivering Training" lesson.

Please remember that all #YALILearns events are organized on the basis of educating your community with shared YALI Network resources. You should never charge a fee for a YALI Network event, and remind others if you see this occurring.

Not ready to plan your own event?

Visit the YALI Network face2face page to find a #YALILearns event near you and connect with your peers.

Step Three

Conduct Your Event

    1. Introduce the topic and present your chosen YALI Network Online Course.
    2. Lead a review of each lesson and solicit questions and comments from the audience.
    3. Be sure to create an inclusive environment that allows for positive, constructive conversation. You can do so with some of the following techniques:
      • Have participants introduce themselves.
      • Share your own views and experiences with the group.
      • Be clear about expectations of respect and consideration from the beginning.
      • Encourage participants to share and challenge their own views by asking questions.
    4. Use the lesson Discussion Guide (available under the Lesson Resources tab for each YALI Network Online Course lesson) to facilitate a group conversation on the topic:
      • The Learning Objectives are a good way to clarify terms.
      • The Discussion Questions are a useful resource for questions to ask the group to start dialogue.
      • The Developmental Actions will assist in putting the lesson material into practice.
    5. Invite participants to join the YALI Network if they are not already members and encourage participants to hold their own #YALILearns events.

Step Four

Report Back

Congratulations on facilitating a #YALILearns event! Tell us how it went on the #YALILearns feedback page. And remember to share the outcomes of your event with other YALI Network members on the YALI Network face2face page!

 Campaign Materials

Download handouts, discussion guides, Powerpoints and more for all the YALI Network Online Courses.

#YALIStands4All Materials

#YALIGoesGreen Materials

#Africa4Her Materials

#YALIVotes Materials

#YALIUnites Materials

#YALILearns Event Materials

Ready to start planning your YALILearns event? Here are all the materials you need to help plan and conduct your #YALILearns event.