Meet Our 2019 YALI Network Influencers

We’re excited to launch our newest initiative and introduce the YALI Network to the first-ever cohort of YALI Influencers. YALI Influencers are highly-engaged network members, dedicated to growing and energizing the YALI network and their local communities. Meet our 2019 Cohort of YALI Network Influencers!

Abass Mamud Sesay is a community development activist who works in education, environmental sustainability, and youth empowerment. Abass has seven years of experience in civil society and is the current CEO of the nonprofit AANSL.

Abdul-Latif Alhassan is the executive director of the Civil Society and Institutional Foundation in Ghana and is committed to ensuring that access to quality education in Northern Ghana becomes a right and not a privilege.

Adepeju Jaiyeoba is the CEO of Mother’s Delivery Kit, which connects women in rural communities to the lifesaving supplies they need at childbirth. To date, the company has distributed more than 500,000 kits.

Austine Okorodudu is an on-air personality at Trend 100.9 FM and founder of the Ideals and Realities Youth Empowerment Foundation, a social development organization dedicated to mentorship, capacity building, life skills development, and vocational training for vulnerable youth.

Cecilia Kibada is a lawyer committed to promoting and protecting women's rights in Tanzania. In her current work, Cecilia is focused on protecting the country’s vulnerable widows.

Christie Linonge is a medical doctor dedicated to improving cardiovascular health in Cameroon through health education and digital health technology. In her spare time, Christie works as the web and media coordinator of HERO Cameroon.

Daniels Akpan is a globally recognised youth and education advocate working to help economically disadvantaged youth throughout Nigeria to define their career goals, build leadership skills, and lead transformational change in their communities.

Deborah Brown is an inclusive education advocate working to reduce the number of out-of-school girls and children with disabilities in Nigeria.

Denaya Dennis is a creative thinker and social entrepreneur in South Sudan focused on developing young people to be creative and innovative. Denaya is also the co-founder of Alela Technologies, which trains business clients in critical information and communications technology (ICT) skills.

Dorothy Njagi is a communication officer at the African Union. She is also the Founder of Wananchi Waseme Swahili and is a civic engagement advocate in Kenya working towards inclusive decision making in policy and development.

Eklou Amemassovor is an IT programmer and owner of ocureLab, a health technology startup providing affordable, quality healthcare using mobile technology. Eklou is committed to improving healthcare through the developing world.

Elfi Kashori Martial is the founder of the Empower People Network in the DRC, a group dedicated to creating a peaceful and supportive environment for women and men, an environment where all can use their potential to rebuild and impact their communities.

Fatia Hassan Moussa is a Djiboutian activist working to promote quality education, gender equality, environmentalism, and peace and security in Africa.

Hamdiya Katchirika is a journalist and women’s rights activist in Togo committed to achieving gender equality in the country’s public administration sector and to inspiring young women to assume leadership positions in the state. She is also the founder of a Togolese, bilingual empowerment blog for girls.

James Papy Kwabo is the founder of Alternative Youth Radio in Zorzor, Liberia, and is committed to providing access to information and employment opportunities to disadvantaged youth throughout Liberia.

Kaneese Katisenge is a marketing professional and aspiring social entrepreneur focused on social inclusion and community service in Botswana. Keenese is the founder of Limitless Minds, a chess academy for people with special needs.

Ngang Ernest Che is an environmentalist in Cameroon committed to eliminating unemployment by providing people with income-generating skills. Ngang is passionate about making the world a better place, a place where people are financially independent.

Norryn Gloria Busingye is a communications specialist in Rwanda advocating to end sexual violence and child abuse in the country using training and sensitization programs.

Raymond Kaima is a lawyer in Zambia specializing in human rights and environmental law. Raymond is committed to advocating for the right to education, especially in rural and impoverished communities.

Sainabou Cham is a registered nurse and midwife in Gambia specializing in maternal, child, sexual, and reproductive health. Sainabou believes that no woman should risk her life in childbirth; rather, the experience should be a joyous one for her, her family, and the community at large.

Samirah Bello is a community development specialist in Nigeria working to develop her community by running programs directed at women and youth across the country.

Sipasi Olalekan Ayodele is the founder of ProtectOzone, an organization committed to training impoverished children, youth, women, and farmers in climate-smart and sustainable agricultural practices to improve their livelihoods.

Sylvia Mohapi is a social entrepreneur and founder of MhPLabs, a mobile diagnostic lab that aims to improve the turnaround time in obtaining blood results, so that patients are diagnosed and treated sooner.

Unotida Nyoni is an advisor, author, consultant and award-winning speaker in South Africa dedicated to helping people increase their value and impact in the marketplace.

Wairimu Mwangi is the founder and CEO of the Literature Africa Foundation, an NGO committed to advancing access to education and economic empowerment opportunities for youth in Kenya through training and mentorship.

Olugbenga Ogunbowale is the CEO of, a digital agency passionately growing businesses & accelerating the application of digital skills for economic prosperity. He is also the founder of which has empowered over 20,000 orphans with free vocational skills, medical care & food.