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Meet the Fellows: Sekou Amadou Cissoko
July 25, 2014

Guinea, Business and Entrepreneurship, University of Notre Dame

Amadou “Chico” Cissoko is the founder of Making Africa a Continent of Innovators (MACI) and director of the Dare to Innovate movement. He is an expert in human development, agrotourism and agricultural marketing.

He has served as the director of marketing and commercialization for the integrated farm Fabik, the leading commercial farm in Guinea. Amadou is also founder of the first agrotourist site in Guinea, called the Vathaba.

After completing the Washington Fellowship, he plans to collaborate with the YALI Network to initiate a mass innovation initiative in Africa with a vision to create a culture and environment that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and excellence in African societies, thus making every African an everyday innovator.

Photo credit: Sekou Amadou Cissoko