Mandela Washington Fellowship Partnership Information

Seeking U.S. Partners: Engage with the next generation of African leaders!

In partnership with the private sector, host country governments, international and regional bodies, and civil society organizations, the U.S. government is building a wide spectrum of high-impact opportunities, available both in the United States and in Africa, for participants in the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders to utilize and hone their skills.

Many local and multinational corporations, NGOs, universities, and regional institutions have become partners and are directly supporting the Mandela Washington Fellowship by hosting Fellows, collaborating with them on new initiatives in the United States and Africa, and offering access to grants, financing, mentoring, and other professional development opportunities. Leveraging the resources, networks, and skills of private partners deeply enriches the program’s objectives by helping to identify promising young leaders and providing opportunities for Fellows to accelerate their growth and leadership trajectory.

Mandela Washington Fellowship partners:

  • Invest in a new generation of young African leaders who are rapidly shaping the continent’s future.
  • Reinforce YALI’s commitment to an enduring partnership between the United States and Africa.
  • Help young African leaders develop skills and networks to build their countries and communities.
  • Increase mutual understanding between Americans and counterparts from African nations.

The U.S. government is partnering with IREX on the implementation of the U.S. exchange component of the Mandela Washington Fellowship. If you are interested in working with the Fellowship in the United States or in Africa, please contact [email protected] for more information. Please be sure to explain how you are interested in working with us so that your email gets to the right place.

Individuals can:

  • Host Mandela Washington Fellows for meals, cultural, and social activities during the Institutes in the United States.  (Summer 2018)
  • Participate in networking events with the Fellows to share expertise and develop collaborations. (Summer 2018 and beyond!)
  • Offer time as an in-person or virtual professional mentor to Mandela Washington Fellows after their return to Africa through our facilitated mentor matching support. (Summer 2018 and beyond)
  • Read applications for the Mandela Washington Fellowship selection process. (Fall 2017)

Organizations can:

  • Provide in-kind and monetary contributions in support of the U.S. exchange component of the Mandela Washington Fellowship. (ongoing)
  • Apply to host a Mandela Washington Fellow for their Professional Development Experience in the United States in August and September 2018. Placements are typically made in the spring and summer, but volunteers are encouraged to reach out year round. (ongoing)
  • Market your organization at the Mandela Washington Fellowship Summit and Mandela Washington Fellowship Africa Regional Conference Partner Expos. (periodic throughout the year)
  • Host Fellows for virtual or in-person professional practicums in Africa where they can contribute to substantive short-term assignments at your offices and learn about your organization. (ongoing)
  • Offer your expert staff as short-term consultants to Mandela Washington Fellows’ businesses and NGOs. (ongoing)
  • Sponsor Mandela Washington Fellows’ participation at your organization’s public or virtual training programs, conferences, trade shows, and events in Africa. (ongoing)
  • Convene with Fellows for networking and roundtable events in Africa on key issues facing your organization in the areas of business, civil society, and public management. (ongoing)
  • Provide your organization’s business products and services at low or no cost to Mandela Washington Fellows. (ongoing)
  • Share information on grant funding your organization provides. (ongoing)
  • Publicize the Mandela Washington Fellowship program to your networks. (ongoing)
  • Encourage staff to engage as individuals with Mandela Washington Fellows. (see above)

U.S. colleges and universities can:

  • Apply to host a cohort of Mandela Washington Fellows on your campus. (Fall 2017)
  • Provide speakers and mentors for a program at another campus. (June-July 2018)
  • Encourage staff to engage as individuals with Mandela Washington Fellows. (see above)