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NaijaVotes: Make it count.

The quality of Nigeria’s 2019 elections will have repercussions on the future of democracy across the continent. This depends on you! Participating in elections is the foundation of the broader role citizens must play to keep a democracy strong and healthy.

Youth are stepping up to play their part to ensure Nigeria continues to be a democratic leader! The NaijaVotes campaign encourages Nigerian youth to: boost voter participation, promote voting with integrity, encourage truth and accuracy in information-sharing, and inspire communities to reject violence.

These are your elections–you can have an impact if you choose to. Make it count!

Share Information Responsibly

Watch this playlist of three short videos to learn about ways to better identify credible vs fake news and how to share information responsibly by using the ‘Stop.Reflect.Verify” approach.

PDF video transcripts are also available in English (PDF 267KB)

Promote NaijaVotes

Use the t-shirt designs to print your own NaijVotes t-shirts, and download and share the NaijaVotes graphics on social media.

Organize an Event to Spread the Word

Once you’ve completed the course and watched the videos above, help ensure your community is made of Smart Citizens by the time election day comes around. Use our event guide to educate others in your community.