YALI Network

The YALI Network provides members with invaluable opportunities to connect with other leaders in their community and to learn from experts in their field. Explore this page to learn more about the YALI Network and all the ways you can be involved.

Get Involved

Free Online Training

Do you want to learn about actions you can take to promote human rights or protect the rights of women and girls? Are you trying to grow your small business? Do you want to improve your networking skills? Have you struggled with public speaking? Take one of our 17 online training courses created exclusively for YALI Network members.

Each expert-led lesson includes everything you need to hone your skills: video, audio, and written components to suit varying bandwidths; discussion guides to spark conversations; and quizzes to test your knowledge. You’ll even have the opportunity to earn a YALI Network Certificate.

Online Events

Every month, YALI Network members gather on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for exclusive online events. Called #YALICHATs, these online events connect YALI Network members to each other and to experts in the fields of business, government, management and civil society.

So if you have questions about raising capital for your startup or U.S. foreign policy toward sub-Saharan Africa, join the conversation. Past #YALICHATs have included everyone from the U.S. Secretary of State to an NBA All-Star.

Spotlights and How-to Guides

Every day, YALI Network members do extraordinary things. You can learn more about their achievements – and access practical information to help you achieve your own goals – on the YALI Network blog.

There are hundreds of blog posts on the website with new ones published each week. These posts include everything from interviews with YALI Network members on farming and voter education to how-to guides on starting a business and making the most of your job search.

Offline Connections

Want to discuss offline what you’ve learned online? Host a #YALILearns event! #YALILearns events can be whatever you want them to be — an opportunity to take a YALI Network Online Course with others, meet people who share your passions, a chance to network with people in your industry, or a way to learn new skills from your peers.

The YALI Network Face2Face Facebook group is a platform to help members network with like-minded leaders in their area and organize meetings and events focused on the topics that matter most to them and their community.

To learn more, visit #YALI Learns and the YALI Network face2face group.

YALI Campaigns

Throughout the year, YALI Network members come together to address important issues across the continent. Through these campaigns, you can join other YALI Network members in raising awareness and taking actions,both online and in your communities. The current Network-wide initiatives include:

YALIServes On Mandela Day

#YALIServes highlights and encourages the positive role volunteerism plays in benefiting communities.


#YALIVotes encourages civic participation through elections and social responsibility.

YALIUnites For Transparency

#YALIUnites highlights ways that individuals can identify and eliminate corruption.


#YALIStands4All encourages the protection of human rights.


#YALIGoesGreen addresses challenges and highlights innovation related to energy and environmental challenges.

Africa4Her 2018

#Africa4Her drives positive action around the challenges women face.

Stay connected with the YALI Network: