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Now Is The Time to Network, Says One Young Leader in Cameroon
May 15, 2020

Screenshot from Javnyuy's YALILearns session
Screenshot from Javnyuy’s YALILearns session


“In these challenging times, young people in Cameroon are worried about their future,” says Javnyuy Joybert, chief executive of the COSDEF Group Social Innovation Enterprise. “There’s a lot of tension and confusion about the future.”

Indeed, Cameroon has seen an estimated 14,000 cases of COVID-19 as of May 6, according to a report in The Lancet.

Javnyuy decided in May to hold a virtual YALILearns session on the YALI Network Online Course Strategies for Personal Growth and Development, one he says is essential at a time as precarious as this one.

“It’s courses like these that help young people to refocus their daily lives, to use their time at home to network, and to build relevant, professional relationships,” Javnyuy says.

“I learned over the course of my session, for instance, that a lot of the attendees had never come across a code of ethics in a business context,” Javnyuy says. “They also saw networking as collecting business cards, rather than developing personal relationships.”

To address this, Javnyuy used his session to teach others about the value of writing a code of ethics and of building meaningful relationships with others, not just to expand their business network but also to create lifelong ties.

Among the challenges Javnyuy faced in running his session were various connectivity issues, with some participants unable to connect to the video stream.

“My advice to others looking to hold a virtual YALILearns session is to be ready to adapt,” Javnyuy says.

“You could plan to use Zoom for your event and, in the end, many participants will not be able to connect. Be ready to switch to another platform or to organize another session for people who could not join. Dynamism is key.”

For Javnyuy, the success of a session hinges on a willingness to lift others up and to equip them with the skills they need to imagine new futures.

“I want to see a community, nation and continent where people have the skills to be active in the marketplace,” Javnyuy says.

“They’re working to create sustainable businesses, they’re solving social problems, and, through their service, they’re changing society for the better.”

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