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Emotional Intelligence Part 5: Giving Yourself
November 1, 2019

Now that you’ve mastered the core competencies, put them into practice and put your vision and mission into action so you lead with integrity.

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Emotional Intelligence Part 5: Giving Yourself Transcript

Hello. My name is Mensah Philippe Houinsou, and this is Leading with Emotional Intelligence.

The third and last pursuit in the Six Seconds EQ model is entitled ‘’Give Yourself,’’ and it is the most important one, as it provides the necessary energy to keep the other two pursuits moving. With this pursuit you will learn to do everything you do for a reason — the real essence of living on purpose. The competencies that you will acquire here will allow you to put your vision and mission into action so you lead with integrity.

The two competencies at stake include:

Competency Number 1: Increasing empathy.

To my mind, the ability to recognize and appropriately respond to others’ emotions and feelings is one of the most important competencies a leader needs to develop, and it is called empathy. Empathy is a nonjudgmental openness to others’ feelings and experiences and the foundation of authentic relationships which build connection and bind a team together. As you learn to exercise empathy, you begin to recognize both pleasant and unpleasant feelings rushing through the others and genuinely care for what they are experiencing. Then you will show them your concern by listening, sharing and responding appropriately. As a leader, do you struggle to take other people into account in your decisionmaking? Or perhaps do you need to build stronger and trusting relationships within your team? Increasing your empathy is key towards achieving that goal. Try listening genuinely to someone today, and you will have begun to exercise your empathy.

Competency Number 2: Pursuing noble goals.

This competency is the most important one of all, as it helps you connect the dots every single day of your life as a leader. It gives your EQ its relevance by letting you examine your personal vision, mission and legacy so use that conviction to set your goals and objectives. Simply put, it activates all of the other competencies. Something is qualified as “noble” when it has or shows fine personal qualities or high moral principles. Therefore, in this context, pursuing noble goals requires of you integrity and ethical behaviors, which helps you maintain focus, inspire others and access your full potential. With this competency, you will find the clarity of your noble goals. A “noble goal” typically contains a verb, expressing how to pursue it, and a goal of the value you want to add to the world. A few examples include promoting a fair society, strengthening food security in my community, or creating jobs to reduce the rate of unemployment in my country. Being able to identify clearly what your noble goals are will compel you to pay fierce attention to your daily choices to ensure that you are not undermining your life’s purpose. Are your goals noble? I guess it is time to start redefining them.


Starting to use your EQ is certainly the greatest decision you could make as a leader, and this will help you become a high-performing leader. I think it is high time you started tapping into the power that lies within you for greater change, and that’s what we’ll help you achieve at the Takafa Mindset. At the Takafa Mindset, we have all the necessary tools to help you attend the best version of yourself using EQ, and we cannot wait to start working with you and your team. Reach out to us on www.takafamindset.net.

Thank you.

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