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Perfecting Your Pitch Part Three : The Importance of Persuasive Language
August 16, 2019



Watch this series of five short pitch videos written and presented by 3 Day Startup filled with helpful tips and ways to make your pitch stand out from others.

Part three of the series, explains why persuasive language, good word choice, and confidence are essential to delivering a compelling pitch.

Transcript in English [157 KB]

Perfecting Your Pitch Part Three : The Importance of Persuasive Language Video Transcript

NICK CHAGIN: At Starbucks, you don’t order a large coffee, you order a venti. At McDonalds, you don’t order a large hamburger, you order a Big Mac. At a fancy restaurant, you don’t order squid, you order calamari.  

In this video, we are going to talk about why language, word choice and confidence are so imperative to delivering a compelling pitch.  

As you practice your pitch, think about how the words you say will reflect on the brand of your business.  

Word choice is very important because it helps signify the quality, value, and worth of your product.  It may also be a way to differentiate your product from your competitors. This is especially true for high-tech products. You want to be able to talk about your business so that a 10-year-old will understand.  

Whether you are delivering an elevator pitch or a formal pitch, you want to speak knowledgeably and with confidence. Stand with a straight posture and engage your diaphragm when you speak so every word resonates.  A way to practice this is by placing your hand next to your belly button and breathing from your stomach. If you feel your hand hitting your stomach, you’ll know you’re engaging your diaphragm. Doing this will also help you speak at a slower pace and help you project your sound.  

Next up – visualizing your pitch.  

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