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Professional Development
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No matter where you are in your professional development, the YALI Network is here to help.

Professional Development

No matter where you are in your professional development, the YALI Network is here to help. With hundreds of online resources available in English, en français, and em português you can become a YALI professional on your own time and at your own pace.

If you’re interested in personal professional skills, entrepreneurship, community development, or overall career growth, you’ll find resources to help you in your professional journey. Our large collection of online courses, video vignettes, blogs, and workbooks, have all been developed in conjunction with experts and practitioners to provide you with the best information possible. Discover the resources that are right for you below and start to challenge yourself today as a YALI Professional.

Perfect Your Pitch

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Watch this video vignette series of five short pitch videos written and presented by 3-Day Startup’s Nick Chagin, for helpful tips and ways to make your pitch stand out from others.

YALIProfessionals Resources

The YALIProfessionals Resources below provide step-by-step instructions on specific professional topics like job interviews, public speaking, and creating a business plan. Each of the Workbooks and Toolkits below are available as PDFs, so click below to download your first one.


Take the Course and Earn a Certificate

Strategies for Personal Growth and Development 

Learn crucial skills that will improve your leadership and professional ethics, growing your professional and personal network, and the art of public speaking.

YALIProfessionals Courses and Videos

The YALI Network Online Courses and Video Vignette Series listed below are all designed to help you learn about a specific topic. Each course or video is available for free and includes additional options like written transcripts and audio to accommodate any bandwidth level. Click a subject that interests you below to see each of the YALIProfessionals resources available.

Personal and Professional Leadership

Civic Leadership

Business and Entrepreneurship

Financial Concepts

Test Your Skills

The majority of business professionals and business owners report they have encountered ethical dilemmas in the workplace. The question is: When you are faced with an ethical challenge, how will you respond? Put your decision making skills to the test with the YALIProfessionals Responsible Business Quiz


Additional YALIProfessionals Resources

Take your professional development up a notch. Use the resources below to help you excel as you move through your professional career.

Apply what you've learned

You’ve done the hard work, now apply what you’ve learned to teach others. The Facilitation Guides below will assist you in sharing your knowledge.

Strategies for Personal Growth and Development

Workforce Collaboration & Development