Additional Resources for YALI Network Online Courses

The following are links to additional resources and information related to the YALI Network Online Courses. This information has not been developed by the U.S. Department of State and is solely provided as a service to YALI Network members to further explore the course topics and learning objectives.


Course: Management Strategies for People and Resources

Lesson: Leading People and Change

Lesson: Creating and Managing a Team

Lesson: Managing Situations

Course: Strategies for Personal Growth and Development

Lesson: Developing a Personal Code of Ethics

Lesson: Networking to Get Ahead

Lesson: The Art of Public Speaking

Course: Workforce Collaboration and Development

Lesson: Setting and Achieving Goals

Lesson: Designing and Delivering Training

Lesson: Improving Your Network, Your Team, and Your Organizational Structure


Business & Entrepreneurship

Course: Fundamentals of Business Expansion

Lesson: Raising Capital

Lesson: Growing Your Business

Lesson: Growing Your Startup

Course: Fundamentals of Starting and Running a Business

Lesson: Developing a Business Model

Lesson: Creating a Business Plan

Lesson: Identifying Your Markets

Lesson: Pitching Your Business Ideas for Investment


Civic Leadership

Course: Creating and Maintaining Social Enterprises

Lesson: Creating Your NGO’s Strategic Plan

Lesson: Creating Partnerships

Lesson: Managing and Evaluating Project

Lesson: Advocating for Youth

Course: Community Organizing for Action

Lesson: Attracting and Motivating Volunteers

Lesson: Inspiring Community Participation

Lesson: Engaging Your Community

Lesson: Creating a Successful Grassroots Campaign


Public Management

Course: Basics of Public-Private Partnerships

Lesson: Initiating a Public-Private Partnership

Lesson: Implementing a Public-Private Partnership

Lesson: Evaluating a Public-Private Partnership

Course: Strengthening Public Sector Service

Lesson: Establishing Professional Ethics in Government

Lesson: Becoming and Effective Public Servant

Communicating with the Public


Mandela Washington Fellowship Institute Online Courses

Course: Design Driven Entrepreneurship

Course: Fundraising Concepts

Course: Servant Leadership

Understanding Climate Change

Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibility

Third Party Content

Understanding the Rights of Women and Girls

Third Party Content

Understanding Human Rights

Third-Party Resources:

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