YALIServes On Mandela Day

#YALIServes highlights and encourages the positive role volunteerism plays in benefiting communities. Offering goods, services, and time at no cost not only helps to strengthen communities, but promotes self-empowerment. The UN marks Nelson Mandela’s birthday, July 18, by asking individuals to make a difference in their communities. The YALI Network honors this day by organizing a YALI Network Day of Service. Inspire, volunteer, and lead events in your communities not only on Mandela Day, but throughout the whole year.

Make everyday Mandela Day

Watch "YALI Voices: The Joy of Volunteering" video series to learn why volunteering in your community is beneficial.

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Organize an event

Organize a #YALIServes event using Community Organizing for Action. Use the materials below to help plan your event.

Already held a YALIServes event? Tell us about it using this report form: YALILearns Report

Find inspiration in one of the 1,000 #YALIServes events organized by YALI Network members across 47 sub-Saharan African countries from July 2017. Click and drag the map below to zoom in and explore. Click on a pin to see event details.

Promote #YALIServes

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