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Nelson Mandela once said, “A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of.”

With that sentiment in mind, YALIServes continues the legacy of Nelson Mandela through volunteerism. YALIServes encourages all members of the YALI Network to perform acts of service on International Nelson Mandela Day – July 18. Let us showcase the importance of community involvement and volunteerism in the spirit of Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

Engage with the YALIServes campaign for ideas for projects that strengthen your community, increase education access, improve women’s and girls’ health, and encourage vocational training and mentorship. 

By joining YALIServes, you are joining together with young leaders across Africa to inspire, volunteer, and lead events in your communities. Take action today by completing your personalized pledge to demonstrate your commitment to giving back to your community. Then, stay tuned to this page for resources, tips, and guidance to help you on your volunteer journey.

Download the Pledge

Show your dedication to serve your community by creating a YALIServes pledge! Don’t forget to share your pledge with your community on social media by using the hashtag #YALIServes!



Become Inspired

A screenshot from the YALIServes infographic, 'Strengthening Your Community Starts with Small Acts of Service.'We’re sharing ideas for small acts of service to help you plan your efforts to give back to your community. No act is too small. Check out the corresponding blog post for more details.

Plan Your YALIServes Event

Unsure of where to start? The YALIServes toolkit can help! The YALIServes toolkit gives you step-by-step instructions on everything from planning, inviting volunteers, to following up after your YALIServes event.

Complete the Workbook

Screenshot from page 11 of the 'Women's Health Workbook'This Women’s Health Workbook includes the facts and resources you need to better understand five of the most prevalent health issues facing women across sub-Saharan Africa. Download the workbook today to start learning how you can advocate for women’s health in your community.

Happy Nelson Mandela International Day!

Each year, YALIServes calls on young African leaders like you to honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela through acts of community service. We’re excited to share a few projects from your fellow YALI Network leaders dedicated to giving back.


Inspire Your Community

In this Youth Mentorship Toolkit, you will learn how to plan and facilitate a community activity focused on youth mentorship.

Submit Your YALIServes Community Project Details

Thank you for hosting a YALIServes community project. Please fill out this event report form for a chance to be featured in a future YALI Network campaign or social media spotlight.

Read stories from YALI Network members, find tips, and learn more about the importance of community service on the YALI Network Blog.


Take the Course

Community Organizing for Action

Learn how to inspire and engage volunteers to be proactive in their communities and organize grassroots campaigns.




Host a YALILearns Session

Use everything you’ve learned in the course to host your very own YALILearns session.

YALI Voices: Joy of Volunteering

Giving your time and service to your community benefits everyone– your community learns from your expertise, and you contribute to the world being a better place. This five-part vignette series outlines the benefits of volunteering and how it’s not only important for your community but is a smart way to develop and enhance your professional skills. You can also view these vignettes en Français or em Português.



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