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Signing On, Linking In
September 26, 2014

The YALI Network can be a powerful tool for African development. It can be a powerful tool for your development, too.

Linkedin buildingPeople in the YALI Network are business owners, social entrepreneurs and professionals. All these smart, energetic people can achieve much more if they share their ideas and resources and work together. They can help each other build their careers while they build 21st-century Africa.

The YALI Network group on LinkedIn makes it easy to network across the continent without having to travel. LinkedIn allows a virtual gathering of like-minded individuals who describe what they do, how they achieved success and their visions and goals for the future.

The YALI Network group on LinkedIn is a directory of professionals, whose credentials are verified by their contacts. Among the YALI Network LinkedIn group’s 1,600 members, more than half are senior executives, managers, business owners or directors. They run nonprofits but also information technology companies, financial institutions, management consultancies and marketing firms. And they come from all over Africa.

Join the YALI Network group on LinkedIn to:

  • Access knowledge and opportunities in careers that are of interest to you;
  • Build your professional network;
  • Share your experiences, ideas and vision with other young leaders;
  • Find the information you need to grow your career, business or organization;
  • Establish regular contact with people who share your interests and goals.

Engaging with others on LinkedIn can build your foundation and your reputation. Your network can help you identify resources and support for the interests you are pursuing.

For more guidance on LinkedIn, you can try this video from the site itself, The Value of LinkedIn.

It all starts with the simple act of joining.