Country of the Week: Madagascar

Would you believe Madagascar used to be part of India? The two landmasses were conjoined until about 100 million years ago, when India split off and slowly drifted north to its current position. That means the plants and animals on Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world, have evolved in...

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Is there an art to mediating conflicts?

Being a mediator is not really about trying to understand someone else’s conflict in order to help resolve it. It’s more about working with the parties to get them to understand their own conflict, said Peter Sampson, who works at the United Nations Office for West Africa (UNOWA) as the...

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Country of the Week: Rwanda

Our first featured member of the week, Augustin Rugundana, calls civic engagement one of the most important issues in his community. After building his skills through YALI Network courses such as Community Organizing for Action, Servant Leadership, and Management Strategies for People and Resources, Augustin decided to help others tackle...

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Message from U.S. Ambassador Michael S. Hoza to Cameroon’s YALI Network

It is an honor to congratulate you on your extraordinary achievements, dedication, and commitment as young leaders throughout Cameroon. When President Obama launched the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) in 2010, his aim was to enhance young Africans’ leadership skills, promote entrepreneurship, and connect young African leaders with one another...

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IMF Chief Christine Lagarde on Leadership and Crisis Management

The following are excerpts of an interview by Lillian Cunningham published July 13 in the Washington Post. Question: How do you define leadership? Answer: To me, leadership is about encouraging people. It’s about stimulating them. It’s about enabling them to achieve what they can achieve — and to do that...

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