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Applying to be a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow: 9 Application Tips

Are you thinking of applying to the 2018 Mandela Washington Fellowship? The application season is fast approaching, so begin to prepare now! The YALI Network Team interviewed 2017 Mandela Washington Fellows and asked them to share their advice on putting together a successful application. Advocate for Yourself. When you are...

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Applying for the Mandela Washington Fellowship: Pitching yourself in the personal essay

Whether you’re writing an essay to apply for admission to university, graduate school or the Mandela Washington Fellowship, your job is the same: demonstrating to the decision-makers that you’re the person to choose. That’s the essence of a “pitch,” whether in business meeting or a personal essay. In the case...

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Applying to be a Mandela Washington Fellow: Common Questions

As Network members applicants begin to prepare their applications for the 2018 Mandela Washington Fellowship, we took a look back at some of the common questions we’ve answered in person on completing the application, the process for applying, and what applicants need to know about the Mandela Washington Fellowship. For...

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Applying to be Mandela Washington Fellow: The Interview, Your Turn to Shine

Prepare for the Interview The key to a successful interview is to answer the question asked, not the question you want to hear or are best prepared for. Be sure to listen to the interviewer carefully in order to hear the full question. Answer the question directly and fully. You...

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Applying for the Mandela Washington Fellowship: Writing a Personal Statement

When you apply for the Mandela Washington Fellowship, you will submit a personal statement and other essays to introduce yourself to the selection panel. In this part of your application, you can highlight what you want reviewers to know about you. In any personal essay, it is important to catch...

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Applying for the Mandela Washington Fellowship: Building Your Resume

A successful candidate for the Mandela Washington Fellowship demonstrates an ability to get things done. Take a marketing approach to your resume that will command the ultimate amount of attention. Think about how you want the person who reads your resume to think of you. In preparing your resume, remember...

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