YALI Voices: Follow the Money: A Mechanism for Open Government System and Corruption Reduction in Gambia

By: Marr Nyang When corruption is ignored, perpetrators get richer, leaving hundreds of thousands of people hungry, ill, and insecure. This occurs when national budget and community development funds are allocated for a specific project, but only a portion is used (if ever) and the rest ends up being embezzled...

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How can technology keep government transparent and fair?

Sometimes technology can feel pretty impersonal. But when it comes to combatting corruption, removing the personal element can be pretty effective. “If you take the face-to-face exchange out of the equation, by putting the case status online, for example, clerk’s opportunity to shake me down disappears,” said Alexandra Wrage,...

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Advice for Women in Tech from Leading Digital Entrepreneur Yao Huang

Meet Yao Huang, founder of The Hatchery, an organization instrumental in developing the New York technology ecosystem, and one of the top entrepreneurs in her field. She leads the enterprise incubator in innovating products with corporate partners — from ideation, development, sales and funding to exit. She’s an adviser and...

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Summit encourages women to become developers as well as tech users

In September 2016, digital equality advocates gathered in Accra, Ghana, for the Africa Summit on Women and Girls in Technology. The participants shared their stories, knowledge and experience on the internet and information and communications technology (ICT). The main focus of the summit was to transform African women and girls...

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Voting and Tech: Creating Apps for Civic Participation

Providing easy access to credible information for voters seeking to register and vote in elections is a challenge facing democracies all over the world. But in many places, it’s difficult to find accurate information, and having the wrong information can lead to voter disenfranchisement, low voter turnout, and even violence....

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Reinventing Society Through Entrepreneurship

 A guest blog post by Juliana Rotich. When we think of societal transformation, we imagine a rigorous activism geared toward changing a political system or advancing a social cause. Rarely, do we look at the ways in which our day-to-day today labor can bring about the same change while creating...

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Computer Scientist Lends a Hand to Farmers, Young Women

In Uganda, the local agriculture markets that many small-scale farmers depended on were inefficient. Often, neither customers nor farmers knew which markets would be open on which days. So farmers only had access to a limited number of customers. That limited their profits. Farmers’ profits were further complicated by middlemen...

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Stories with Purpose: Inspiring Action and Change

Stories with purpose don’t just materialize — they’re strategically planned, creatively crafted and designed to achieve measurable outcomes. From the oral traditions of the past to the digital techniques of the present, stories have always been a crucial part of human communication. However, with the advent of the Internet and...

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Closing Technology Gaps in Burkina Faso

Francine Legma didn’t take her secondary school math teacher’s advice. Instead she followed her instincts. Legma earned poor grades in math and physics, so her teacher advised her to study literature “because it would be easier for me than scientific studies,” she says. But the 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow and...

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