Tasimba Mhizha expands his knowledge and network through YALI Network Online Courses

Tasimba Mhizha got a tip and a link from a friend saying he should check out the YALI Network Online Courses. After reviewing the list of courses and taking a few that he deemed “relevant to him,” Mhizha says the courses “hooked him in.” They were “bite-sized chunks but very...

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Break the taboo and talk about domestic violence, says IWOC award winner

Malebogo Molefhe was a promising star on Botswana’s national basketball team until she was brutally assaulted by an ex-boyfriend. She survived being shot eight times, but because her injuries now require her to use a wheelchair, her hopes for a professional sports career ended. In its place, a new career...

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You asked about gender equality. Ambassador Wharton answered.

On April 3, the U.S. Department of State’s acting under secretary for public diplomacy and public affairs, Ambassador Bruce Wharton, fielded many of your questions about women’s rights in a Facebook #YALICHAT. Topics included the importance of educating women and girls, the need for women entrepreneurs to serve as role...

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Uganda YALI Network members urged to fight gender inequality and violence in special online chat

Several YALI Network members from Uganda participated in an online chat with Jimmie Briggs, co-founder and executive director emeritus of the Man Up Campaign, as part of their efforts around the #16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV). Briggs, who is also an instructor for the YALI Network Online...

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Women’s rights are human rights

The Beijing Platform for Action, developed at a 1995 United Nations conference, set an agenda for women’s empowerment and identified 12 critical areas of concern. Twenty years after Beijing, ShareAmerica assesses global progress in each critical area. This article focuses on women’s human rights. The movement for women’s human rights has expanded beyond the 19th...

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When she’s a victim, it hurts everyone

One woman in three has faced gender-based violence. It’s a global epidemic, but you can help stop it. For starters, help raise awareness during this year’s “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence” (#16days) campaign. It starts November 25 and continues through December 10. You can also let others know...

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YALI Presidential Summit offers a conversation about women’s rights

On the sidelines of the Mandela Washington Fellowship Presidential Summit in Washington, several Mandela Washington Fellows met with U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Cathy Russell to discuss the state of women’s rights in Africa and ways to work for positive change in their home countries. The reason why the...

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Kenyan Women United by Political Aspirations

“We envision a world in which African women leaders are actively participating in key decision-making processes across sectors.” This visionary statement is at the heart of the work and herstory of Kenyan nonprofit Akili Dada, a nonpartisan organization founded in 2005 to address the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions...

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Unleashing the Entrepreneur in Every Woman

“We believe that everyone is an entrepreneur,” said Takunda Chingonzoh, a 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow and YALI Network member. “It’s only a matter of people finding that aspect of themselves.” Recently, Chingonzoh and his team focused on helping one particular group find that aspect of themselves: women. They did it...

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Is she ‘bossy’ or are you biased?

More African women are breaking the “glass ceiling” in the business world by advancing to management positions. As a result, more women are finding themselves on the receiving end of criticism from both male and female subordinates. There are complaints like “she’s bossy,” or “she doesn’t respect the people who...

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