Follow the Money: A Mechanism for Open Government System and Corruption Reduction in Gambia

By: Marr Nyang When corruption is ignored, perpetrators get richer, leaving hundreds of thousands of people hungry, ill, and insecure. This occurs when national budget and community development funds are allocated for a specific project, but only a portion is used (if ever) and the rest ends up being embezzled...

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To boost your economy, end corruption

Worldwide more than 1 trillion U.S. dollars are lost due to government corruption. That’s according to the World Bank, which reports that corrupt governments discourage foreign investment and reduce opportunities for their citizens. The report offers 10 ways to fight government corruption. While some are targeted to high-level officials, they...

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How can technology keep government transparent and fair?

Sometimes technology can feel pretty impersonal. But when it comes to combatting corruption, removing the personal element can be pretty effective. “If you take the face-to-face exchange out of the equation, by putting the case status online, for example, clerk’s opportunity to shake me down disappears,” said Alexandra Wrage,...

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Journalist Brings Positive Change to Nigerian Communities

For years, the steel plant in Lagos, Nigeria, emitted noxious fumes, annoying local residents. So journalist Oluwatoyosi (Toyosi) Ogunseye decided to investigate. Ogunseye convinced her employer, Punch Nigeria Limited, to pay to test the health of a group of residents. The results of the residents’ blood, urine and drinking water...

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Media Literacy: Five Core Concepts

They are on your mobile phones and computer screens, in newspapers and magazines, stretched across billboards and broadcast through radio waves. They are mediated messages, and you are inundated with them every day. With so many viewpoints, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. To guide your exploration of the...

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