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The Crucial Job Interview
June 11, 2014

Forbes magazine writer Susan Adams, in her column “How to Ace Your Job Interview,” advises applicants to research the company before the interview.

She says that before the interview, applicants should write a few notes to help them remember their best stories that describe their experience and three questions to ask the interviewer. When the interview starts they should ask if they can take notes.

After that, she said, the most crucial part of an interview is to convince the hiring manager that they truly want the job. Interviewers don’t just look at candidates who have the required skills for the job. They also want candidates who want them.

“Any job requires a full commitment,” California shop owner Cynthia Bragdon advises. ‘“If they are aloof in an interview, they will probably be aloof to my customers.”

Adams notes that job counselor Win Sheffield advises applicants to prepare stories that illustrate their skills, strengths and accomplishments. Don’t brag but do describe specific experiences that show how you put your skills to work. Talk about the pleasure and pride you experienced overcoming obstacles, he advises.

Adams advises applicants to tell the interviewer how thrilled they would be to work for their organization. Tell the interviewer that of the other offers you are considering, this is your first choice.

Toward the end of the interview, ask where you stand compared with the company’s ideal candidate. This reinforces how much you want the job. Then write an enthusiastic follow-up note, Adams says.