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Thinking Outside the Box: Interesting #Africa4Her pledges
March 18, 2016


During the first three weeks of the YALI Network’s #Africa4Her campaign, we’ve asked network members, ambassadors, celebrities and more to make pledges describing how they’ll make a better world for women and girls.

On the YALI Network #Africa4Her pledge page, we’ve got some great ideas about things you can pledge to do in your community to help women and girls thrive.

Through Twitter and Facebook, Network members have been making their own pledges, tailored to what women and girls need most where they are.

I pledge to raisetweet 2I pledging to openingI pledge to fight againstI pledge to reach out

That’s just a sampling of the great pledges we’ve heard from the YALI Network in the first half of #Africa4Her. If you haven’t pledged yet, let us know how you’re going to make difference. Looking for ideas? Take the YALI Network Online Course “Understanding the Rights of Women and Girls.”