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YALI Voices: Tous Pour la Bonne Gouvernance au Tchad
June 1, 2017

By: Julien Bero

Public sanitation is a guarantee of good governance, a democratic process of a sovereign state that advocates social justice among the people.

The issue of transparency in public affairs remains a major challenge in the Chadian administration. Incivism and slow administrative procedures do not guarantee the principle of good governance.

Absence of democratic culture gives rise to injustice, misappropriation of public funds, impunity and political instability, the consequences of which are often disastrous on the public (poverty, corruption, dissociation, etc.), but also On the authority of the State (the empty state fund, the economic, social and political crisis). The lack of effective governance mechanisms mischaracterizes a system of corruption in all sectors of the state.

In spite of all this, certain categories of Chadians consider that corruption is not a vice but a virtue. Hence, appointments to positions of responsibility fall under the discretion of the hierarchy; Law enforcement officers are corrupt; Teachers give students grades for money. Sometimes some girls drop into the teacher’s arms to go to the upper class, a corruption in another form that does not say its name, and whose misdeeds (decline in level, STD, HIV / AIDS …) make vulnerable the victim. For corruption destroys our moral and educational values ​​at the whole social level of the country.

As civil society actors, we can not remain indifferent to this sinister scourge where most of our fellow citizens are languishing, we want to be resolutely on your side, thanks to the opportunity offered by the program #YALIUnites d ‘ Undertake fighting actions to contribute to good governance in Chad.
These actions include:

  • Organize awareness-raising campaigns in the institutions of the city of Sarh, Middle-Chari region, and then set up relay committees in educational institutions that can follow up with their peers to raise awareness about corruption . It is an upstream work that prepares students’ minds to cope with them.
  • Organiser des conférences débats, des tables rondes avec les administrateurs, les enseignants, les étudiants et les autres acteurs de la société civile sur la corruption.
  • Mettre en place un mécanisme de sensibilisation médiatique sur la corruption par les radios communautaire (LOTIKO) et locale (ONRTV-Sarh), et les réseaux sociaux. C’est ce que nous entendons mener comme actions de conscientisation en faveur de nos concitoyens pour le changement de mentalité à travers cette proposition.

L’action apportera une solution à cette situation endémique et chronique de la corruption au Tchad. Une prévention contre les différentes formes de délinquance juvénile, de la mauvaise gouvernance au côté de l’Etat et les partenaires de développement du pays.

The project’s target groups are pupils, students, public administrators, and local urban and religious authorities in the Middle Chari region.

Contributed by Julien Bero. The views and opinions expressed here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the YALI Network or the U.S. government. YALI Voices is a series of podcasts, videos and blogs contributed by members of the YALI Network.