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Part 1 – Psychological and Economic Gender-Based Violence
May 5, 2019



A defining look at two of the four major categories of gender-based violence that, when present, are often a prelude to more violent forms of GBV. 

Transcript in English [PDF 238 KB]

Written by Catherine Rolfe, Fundraising & Stewardship Writer; Plan International USA

Gender-based violence is a problem everywhere. That’s why it’s important to understand what it looks like. Did you know that globally at least one in every three women experiences some form of violence?  

In most cases, this violence is committed by men against girls, women, boys, or other men. That’s because many cultures around the world teach young boys and men early on that being violent, and aggressive, and sexual is part of their nature.  

But the truth is, every man has a choice about who he will become. In this video series, you will learn about the different types of gender-based violence, and what you can do to address them.  

Gender-based violence is defined as any form of violence that is directed at someone because of their gender. In this video, we’ll discuss psychological and economic gender-based violence.  

Psychological gender-based violence is any act that causes emotional harm and targets someone because of their gender. Some examples include controlling or restricting someone’s movements, threatening another person, verbally disrespecting and degrading another person.  

This type of violence can also occur online through social media and might involve taking or sharing intimate photos of another person without their consent, or sending someone unwanted sexually explicit images.  

Next, economic gender-based violence is any action that causes economic harm to someone because of their gender. This can include withholding family finances, spending jointly earned income without consent, or preventing someone from getting an education or earning their own income.  

You can’t see the harm caused by psychological or economic gender-based violence. But it can be just as painful. And often, these types of violence lead to physical or sexual violence.

Check out the next video to learn more.

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