#YALIUnites for Transparency and Good Governance

#YALIUnites for Transparency and Good Governance


#YALIUnites has concluded for now but stay in touch with the YALI Network for more initiatives coming soon!

Transparency and good governance are fundamental to society and impact everything from management of resources to economic growth to trust in government. As a result, a lack of transparency can prevent a community and country from reaching their full potential. That is why for the next few months the YALI Network is uniting for transparency and good governance through #YALIUnites.

#YALIUnites is an initiative to raise awareness about the social, economic and political benefits of transparency. The campaign will examine the concept of corruption and ways that individuals can identify and create ways to eliminate it.

Every action you take, big or small, can make a difference in your society because accountability starts with you.

There are still many ways to participate:

What’s the harm? Learn about how a lack of accountability can affect your community and test your knowledge by taking a quiz. One new video and quiz will be released per week so check back for more!

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Take the YALI Network Online Course, Responsible Leadership on Transparency and Good Governance and earn a certificate.

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Organize a #YALILearns event using Responsible Leadership on Transparency and Good Governance. Use the materials below to help plan your event, and for even more #YALILearns resources visit yali.state.gov/learns.

Tell us about your #YALILearns event for a chance to be featured on the YALI Network blog!

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